William Shakespeare's Othello


Brought to you by The Educational Company of Ireland
With annotations, analysis and commentary by Patrick Murray
Podcasts read by actors Simon Coury and Niamh Daly

Act 5 Scene 1 Plot summary

‘The conspiratorial activity of Iago and Roderigo in the midnight street takes our minds back to the opening scene of the play. Iago knows that he cannot keep Roderigo at bay much longer. He also knows that Cassio, alive, is a permanent risk to the success of his scheme against Othello and Desdemona. What he now has in mind, a plan in which each should kill the other, would dispose of these problems at a stroke. He almost succeeds. Roderigo is wounded but does not harm Cassio. Iago, however, wounds Cassio, and rushes off. He then returns, in response to Cassio’s call for help, and kills Roderigo. Othello comes momentarily on the scene and sees the wounded Cassio; he is deeply impressed by what he takes to be Iago’s zeal on his behalf. When Bianca arrives, Iago tries to attribute to her some of the responsibility for what has happened; she is taken away for questioning.’